About Me

Name: Glory Hole Babe
Main City: Sydney, New South Wales
Sex: Female
Measurements: 32D-25-31
Height: 178cm
Age: 30

Service & Rates


My service is aimed primarily at three different types of guys. Those of you who want to try something different and exciting, those of you who have a real passion for a girl who can give amazing head, and finally those of you who require ultimate discretion.

Glory holes are in many porn videos....but the reality of having a real anonymous dirty slut at the other end of a gloryhole is very rarely a reality. Seedy stalls filled with men sucking each others cocks can be exciting for some, but if you want something more female, as well as discreet, clean, and just a tad more classy (as classy as a gloryhole can be), then there is me! Your gloryhole babe:)

I can usually be found working from a nice private apartment, or a discreet luxury hotel in the most central place I can source. I also try to locate myself in a place that has alot of foot traffic, so you arent going to stand out. I am currently based in Sydney, however I do tour occasionally, keep a look out for my tour announcements. I often go to Canberra, Newcastle, Brisbane and Adelaide. Sorry Melbourne, due to your very strict laws, it really makes it impossible to tour there. So perhaps you should write to your MP :).

If you would like to be informed when I am visiting your city then please send me a text and let me know. This also tells me what places I perhaps should visit in the future,

Wherever I am, cleanliness, safety and privacy/discretion are top priorities to me (as is pleasing your cock of course!)

Have you ever had your balls longingly licked, gently cradled an softly sucked into a warm moist mouth? Have you had your cock slowly and sensually worshiped, with a light tickling swirling tongue, spit on, deep throated and brought to orgasm, exploding down the throat of cum hungry, cock loving slut? What exactly are you waiting for? I am here, and I am willing to do everyone of those things for you. Come visit me and give me your throbbing cock and hot cum down my slutty throat.

I am certain that many of you don't even know what you are missing. Your wives and girlfriends are not taking care of your cocks properly, or at all. Let me show you how amazing it can be :p

As you will walk in you will find the glory hole in front of you. Place your money through hole FIRST. (Making sure cock is clean please). You unzip, stick your cock through hole and let me service it to completion. Once you have cum you leave without either of us seeing each other. Thus completing the true anonymous blow job. This is perfect for any gentlemen who wants/requires complete anonymity, on your side and mine. No more worrying about your wives or partners finding out about your naughty indiscretions. It's basically as if it didn't even happen. ;) xx

My services consists of one the following:

Covered Blowjob - $100

Natural Blowjob with cum in mouth/swallow - $150


Sniffing my worn panties during your gloryhole service - $20 if you return them $50 to take them with you

Masturbating/Using Toys on myself as I pleasure you - $50


Using toys on you as I pleaseure your cock - $50


Stimulating your prostate as I pleasure your cock - $100

Pissing into a cup for you to drink during your blowjob - $50

Cock or/and Ball abuse - Smacking, pulling, scratching, biting your cock and/or balls either before or during your blowjob - $50 (this includes no toys simply what I can do with my hands/teeth etc.)


Days Times Location Comments
Monday-Fri 1pm-9pm Incalls CBD
Tuesday 6pm-10pm Outcalls CBD
Weekends 10am-11pm Incalls/Outcalls CBD



****I will not entertain questions/enquires about the following ****

1. Appearance of the gloryhole - for security reasons (and because it's not that interesting) I will not send you photos of the gloryhole. It's just a hole :)

2. How many cocks I've sucked, how busy I've been etc. It's none of your business and if you'd like to wank over it, fine, but send me $$$.

3. Anyone looking to utilize my gh for their own sexual/financial gain. No, you cannot suck cock in my gh, even if you pay me and give me all the money made, I will not ever allow a man to be on their knees behind the gh. No. I advertise as female, and the guys visiting expect a female, and that's what they will receive. Your wife also cannot use my gh. She cannot visit with you either. The gh is strictly for men to visit.

4. Asking too many personal questions about me. I've added sufficent information about myself here. Don't ask to know more, because you won't get the answers you want.



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Hey a girl has to start somewhere. Thank you to the lovely gent who took the time to leave me this review.